Oxygenating Eye Complex

dermacyte oxygen concentrate blister pack

A smooth, delicate treatment to refresh, hydrate and restore the appearance of youth to your eye contour area. Let DERMACYTE Oxygenating Eye Complex enhance your skin’s hydration, elasticity and smoothness while protecting it against environmental stress.

Stress and pollution deplete your skin of oxygen and moisture, especially in the under-eye area, your most delicate and fragile skin, resulting in dark circles, deep lines, and puffiness.

DERMACYTE Oxygenating Eye Complex is a gentle marriage of modern technology and nourishing emollients extracted from avocado essence, oat kernel, sunflower oil, the calming High Ash, a tree indigenous to European forests rich in antioxidants,  Vitamin C and seeds from the Pacific Northwest Meadowfoam plant among other nurturing ingredients.

It provides a lightweight solution with its patented oxycyte technology, a powerful oxygen-carrier developed to infuse O2 for a fresher appearance and overall improved complexion.  It immediately imparts a cool, moisturizing effect while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These effects along with skin brightening and anti-irritating benefits deliver a lighter and healthier feel to your skin.


Prior to use, gently tap the side of container several times in palm of hand.

Apply to cleansed eye area morning and/or night. Pump desired amount onto ring finger and apply over the eye contour area.


  1. Delivers oxygen to the eye contour area
  2. Leaves skin with an elegant and smooth feel
  3. Decreases flakiness, roughness, and dryness
  4. Reinforces skin firmness and tone of the eye area
  5. Reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness
  6. Aids the skin’s natural production of collagen to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  7. Contains avocado oil extract, known to enhance skin hydration, elasticity and smoothness while protecting it against daily environmental stresses
  8. Natural emollients extracted from the seeds of the Pacific Northwestern meadow foam plant help prevent skin water loss
  9. Contains a natural form of Vitamin C stabilized with glucose, clinically proven to increase the suppleness of skin and help brighten the skin tone.
dermacyte oxygen concentrate blister pack
DERMACYTE Oxygenating
Eye Complex
15 mL (0.5 fl oz.)


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